About Me

Hello and welcome to my world! Nothing but food, food delicious-nourishing-wholesome food. Some call me obsessed. I call it Passion-Love-Enthusiasm & Exhilaration.

My kitchen is my office. I live to eat and eat to live. Simply said: I love food! But not just any food. My philosophy is simple : Just Eat Real Food #JERF

My name is Bec and as the the founder of A Nourished Goddess I am on a mission to show YOU how to eat like a Goddess with nothing but pure, clean and real food ingredients.

As a certified health coach I am not here to preach any ONE way of eating. My values are simple: it all boils down to keeping it natural- wholesome- delicious and nourishing.
Although I am all about fresh, you won’t find any rabbit food here. Being healthy does not mean lettuce leaves, becoming a gym junkie or a liquid diet.

I will show you that making health conscious food choices is all about abundance-indulgence-pleasure-bliss-joy-& deliciousness!

There is no compromise. There is no guilt. There is no deprivation.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out. It just means you get to eat more, just without the guilt fear and shame.

The recipes you will find on my blog are a mix of raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo & GAPS friendly. Basically, all my recipes are free from processed and refined foods with a emphasis on freshness. They are sugar free and mostly grain and dairy free.

I say mostly as I do include some quality milk products like free range butter, ghee and raw milk kefir and grains such as buckwheat in the occasional recipe.

I hope to inspire, encourage and motivate you with my very own journey with food and would be delighted for you to come along for the ride.