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Lime Jelly With Berries

Did you know that even jellies can be transformed into nourishing good-for-you treats? Who said that being healthy meant missing out, I sure don’t feel deprived!  I actually feel privileged to have this knowledge and understanding which enables me to … Continue reading

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Ginger & Lime Smoothie

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a HUGE smoothie fan. I drink at least one every single day. It’s usually my go-to-breakfast but on stinking hot days, I will sometimes opt for another one at lunch, when it’s simply-too-hot-to-eat. Not only … Continue reading

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24 Ways I Use Essential Oils In My Daily Life

There isn’t a day that goes by I won’t use an essential oil for at least something. They have literally become essential to my life. Essential oils have so many incredible applications, and even better, they have amazing therapeutic benefits … Continue reading

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What I Am Loving This Month {January}

The New Year is well and truly in motion.  I’m starting a new series on my blog where I will be creating an archive of things I am loving each month. It’s a place where I will share my ‘loves’ … Continue reading

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Gut Healing Chocolate Mousse + Gelatin Health Benefits

I love functional food. Food that not only tastes delicious but also deeply heals and nourishes the body. This chocolate mousse is one of them. Every ingredient has life-giving properties. Cacao is a super antioxidant, coconut cream is a nourishing source … Continue reading

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Minty Mango Smoothie

This is my latest smoothie love. A refreshing summer green smoothie jam packed full of nourishment and deliciousness. Unlike my usual chocolate variations, this one is made up of the taste of summer with mango and mint together with the superfoods coconut, chia … Continue reading

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Home-Made Cashew Milk

The cashew is in town, move over almonds. This home-made cashew milk would have to be my favourite as far as nut milks go. It’s incredibly simple, quick and ever so tasty. Cashew milk is much more satiating and creamy than most other … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Detox On A Daily Basis

Each and every day our bodies are bombarded with toxins. From environmental chemicals, processed foods, cosmetics and even the biochemical reactions in our bodies cause free radical damage. We simply can not escape them. The good news is, detoxing doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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6 Healthy + Simple Summer Tips

Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year. I just adore it! It has me feeling energised,  expanded, inspired and refreshed.  I love the early morning rises, longer days, sun-bleached hair, home-made popsicles,  summer rompers and the humid air … Continue reading

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Healthy Christmas Rum Balls

These delicious festive rum balls are the perfect Christmas treat. Unlike traditional rum balls, these little morsels are refined sugar, dairy and grain free, making them a great alternative. They taste just as awesome and are super easy and simple to whiz … Continue reading

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