Fruit and Nut Chocolate (Raw and Dairy free)

p1080791_zpshsgc49kxNow that I have your attention… Chocolate as we know it today is a guilty pleasure many simply cannot resist (Heck, I can’t!!). But with its high sugar content and the addition of highly processed milk products resulting in a lack of nutrients, blood sugar disorders and obesity it is no wonder we all feel we are committing a sin just looking at a damn chocolate bar. The fab-u-lous news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. I promise.

You could in fact eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner if your little heart desires and even snack on it in between. I do!! The (not so) secret: The Cacao Bean. 


Cacao is pure 100% chocolate.

All commercial chocolate originates from the cacao bean. You simply can not have chocolate without this precious bean. Chocolate actually does grow on a tree, we have been given this gift from nature. We were meant to enjoy it.

Unfortunately as we humans often do, we seem to have this bizarre belief that we can enhance what nature how already gifted us with. We add a bunch of fake, chemicalised substances to the already pure ingredient and end up with a highly refined, junkie product.

Let’s just stick to eating the real thing and enjoy the benefits without any guilt fear or shame shall we. In saying all that, lets get to the point of this post. To share one of my favourite recipes. A chocolate recipe of course!! Here is my raw fruit and nut choccie recipe.



  • 100g cacao butter (roughly chopped)
  • 25g cacao powder 
  • 50g pure maple syrup 
  • 2 dried figs (roughly chopped) 
  • Handful each of dried cranberries, raisins or blueberries  
  • Handful each of almonds and cashews (roughly chopped) 
  • Pinch salt  

*I quickly dry roast my nuts in a fry pan first but raw is awesome too!


1. Melt cacao butter in sauce pan (I use thermomix at 37’C) keeping temperature as low as possible to keep your chocolate in its raw state.

2. Once melted add cacao powder and honey or maple syrup and stir well (10 sec/speed 5 with thermomix).

3. Sprinkle dried fruit and nuts over small lined tray and pour chocolate mixture over top.

4. Place in freezer *immediately* to prevent cacao butter and sweetener from separating.

Within half an hour it’s good to go-in-to-your-mouth.

I would love to hear from you

+ What is your favourite chocolate flavour sensation?


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